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Dom Domenic Viscione is a Navy veteran who taught himself guitar while in the service. After his discharge he returned home and resumed singing with his two best friends who convinced him that they should start a band. The Reminisants were born as a trio with a twelve string guitar, a tambourine and some amazing three part harmonies. Dom is the band leader, sings and plays rhythm guitar. His wit and personality made him the perfect master of ceremonies for The Reminisants, a position that he’s held since 1973.

Mike Mike Joyal, also a Navy veteran and Dom’s best friend was the main creator of The Reminisants. He always believed that one day he could convince his two friends that they could become a working band. His vision was correct. As the band’s lead singer and business manager, he’s been instrumental in making The Reminisants the successful and entertaining group that they are today. His connection with audiences of all ages, make every Reminisant show a fun and enjoyable event for the whole family.

Pete Peter Veneto, is the talented drummer and vocalist for The Reminisants. He played for many years with a great band called The Godson’s. He also toured in the 70’s with the popular rock group, “Band in Boston”. A skilled musician, Pete delivers expert downbeats, tempos and rhythms and can set the beat to any song in an instant. He makes playing drums look so easy while adding in his very special brand of humor. From his first job with the band we all knew that Pete was born to be a Reminisant.

Mark Mark Poulin, is a self-taught musician and vocalist, who plays guitar, drums and bass. With his terrific vocal ability he has performed tribute shows as Roy Orbison and John Lennon with rave reviews. Mark was part of the great Beatles tribute band “Help”. Over the years Mark has filled in for several bands on vocals, guitar, drums and bass, but to our great joy, now he is the lead guitarist and vocalist for The Reminisants.

Joe Joe “J.D.” Foster, our talented bass player, vocalist, equipment manager and part time drummer, has been a music professional for over 20 years. He was a drummer and bass player for The John Penny Band. Joe is a multi-award winner of the Massachusetts Country Music Awards Association. As an agent for Celebrity Direct Entertainment he has booked, played and been the musical director for several national acts.

Jack Jack Columbo is one of our two spectacular keyboardists. He is a brilliant musician, musical director and teacher. For many years Jack has been The Music Director/Keyboardist for recording artists and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees “The Drifters” and The Vocal Group Hall of Fame. Jack has played Keyboards for more than seventy national recording artists with top twenty hits and he is the Music Segment Coordinator/Keyboardist for PBS Television’s Oldies Rock and Roll Concert Series. He is a co-founder of the Stedfast School of Music and Arts. The Reminisants are honored to have this talented gentleman.

Doug Doug Tybor, is another amazing keyboard and vocal talent who will share time playing with The Reminisants. Doug played with a great band called “The Class of 66” which has gone on to become “The Classmates”, with Doug as a partner and musical director. Raised in Pittsburgh, Doug attended Berklee College of Music and played in the successful function band, “Starlite”. He is the owner of Keynote Piano Service in Lynn, MA. His ability to adapt to any style of music is a result of great musical skill and a tremendous work ethic. The Reminisants are very fortunate and happy to have Doug sharing performances with Jack Columbo.

The Reminisant Past Band Members

Fran Doorakian – One of the original founders of the Band.

Bob Brady – The Reminisants first drummer.

Jay Arena – The Reminisants first bass player

Bob Spitaleri – “Bobby John” The first keyboard player and business manager.

Mac Hayes – “Monsignor” The Band’s long time bass player and vocalist.

Ken Zambello – The “Professor” was our bass player and musical director.

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